I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience Ella had participating in the Lions Club Superstar Vocal Competition 2019.

The whole process from auditions, rehearsals and the AMAZING show was spectacular.

This was her second competition and by far the best ever.

I was so impressed by the hard work, dedication and passion put forth by everyone we had the pleasure of working with.

Ella got to work closely with Rodney and she valued and took ever piece of advice given by him to heart. She learnt so much from the experience.

It helped build her confidence which was very needed after someone brought her down by telling her music wasn’t important.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my daughter find her love of music again.

I truly hope that the virtual competition happens as this has brought some happiness to her life after a very hard past 6 months during the COVID pandemic. Your team is truly amazing and so glad that you are trying to make it happen. I am sure many people will be so excited.

Maria Vaillancourt