Renee Olsen (2002)
Hopelessly Devoted

Ella Koskela (2002)
Some Disney SOng

Jordan Lalonde (2004)
If It Hadn’t Been For Love – The Steeldrivers

Jesse Lamoureux (2005)

Katherine Lehoux (2005)
Gonna be my day

Lauren Buchowski (2006)
Waiting on a Miracle (Encanto)

Ella Dubreuil (2006)
Tourner la page par Zaho

Nadine Duclos (2006)
Country home take me home (Link gone)

Rain King Gold (2007)
Pool of Tears

Ellie Maxwell (2008)
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Ella Vaillancourt (March 09 – 2008)
All American Girl

Mia Bortolotto (March 17 – 2009)
When I was your man-Bruno Mars


Scarlett Duhaime (October 8 – 2009)
Million reasons

Luna Fox (2010)
Do You Regret That? (Original)

Madeleine Castonguay (2010)
I will Survive

Alexis Lamontagne (2011)

Alessa Arbour (2011)
Old country soul

Adison Griffith (2012)
Easy on me by Adele

Chloé Boucher (2013)
Love Story

Zoé Frappier (2014)
On écrit sur les murs- by Kids United

Jenna Villeuneuve (2017)
Ten Thousand Hours